Do you really understand the precautions for the polishing of the lamp?


The lamp is a tool for the safety of our driving. It is […]

The lamp is a tool for the safety of our driving. It is very important in the polishing of the lamp mold. If the standard after polishing does not meet the standard requirements, this is a very serious matter.

So what should we pay attention to when polishing the lamp mold? Guihua is here to talk to you about this.

(1) During the polishing process of the lamp mold, the position of the jaw should be carefully polished, and the appearance of the product after the die should be avoided. The position of the buckle in the automobile lamp mold should also be smooth and smooth, which is convenient for the assembly of the automobile lamp product, and also ensures the safety during use of the automobile lamp.


(2) For the polishing of the lamp mold, a large-scale mold polishing enterprise should be selected. The reason is that the large-scale mold polishing enterprise has many years of technical experience guarantee, and the mold polishing personnel have certain accomplishments for the mold polishing. The so-called practice makes perfect, these experienced mold polishing companies have a method for mold polishing, and the quality is also guaranteed.


(3) Mold polishing required for such high standards should use higher quality mold polishing materials because the lamp mold is safe for human life and safe for life. In front of the enterprise should not reduce production costs, should be based on quality priority, to ensure the quality of the product, such as the lamp polishing mold is generally imported from the mold polishing materials, as well as polishing equipment for mold polishing, so polished The mold that came out is able to meet the standard requirements.

So the requirements for polishing the headlights of the lamps are relatively high, so in every part of the mold polishing process, it is necessary to carry out heavy checks and make every detail.


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