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  • Quality Department QC Team Leader (1 person) 6-8k 上海总部 2019-07-16

    1. Responsible for the work arrangement and personnel management within the group, coordinate the relationship between relevant departments, actively carry out the staff deployment work, and communicate with the superior leaders in a timely manner.
    2. Familiar with the quality standards of each product, responsible for hosting the meetings within the group, arranging QC work, and telling QC about product quality requirements and related problems that are prone to occur.
    3. Responsible for the inspection of unqualified products, record relevant data, and inform their responsible departments to follow up and confirm the improvement effect. When the major quality is abnormal, the responsible department shall be notified at the first time, and the tracking and processing shall be reported in time.
    4. Conduct inspection and inspection on the QC site, and re-examine the products and unqualified products of the team members on a daily basis. If there are any problems, promptly submit them and guide the QC inspection method standards.
    5. Training for new recruits, including product inspection specifications, responsibility training, product awareness training, on-site management training, etc.
    6. Organize, summarize daily relevant data, and submit relevant reports on time.
    7. Other matters assigned by the leadership.

    Department requirements:

    1. Technical secondary school or above;

    2, 3-5 years working experience in the injection molding industry;

    2, quality management experience in the injection molding industry is preferred.

  • Engineering Department Hardware Warehouse Manager (1 person) 4-5K 上海总部 2019-07-16

    1. Acceptance, warehousing, storage, delivery, inventory of warehouse materials, ensuring that the process of sending and receiving is carried out normally, so that the accounts are consistent.
    2. Keep track of the inventory status, ensure the timely supply of materials and equipment, and improve the efficiency of warehouse work.
    3. The warehouse materials are neat, classified, clean and hygienic, and the warehouse is safe.
    4. Responsible for the custody and archiving of relevant documents.
    5. Other matters assigned by the department head.

    Department requirements:

    1, technical secondary school or above, 25-40 years old, skilled computer office software operation;
    2. Have more than 1 year experience in hardware warehouse management;
    3. Familiar with the warehouse management process, there is a forklift license priority.


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