Analysis of the Industrial Chain of China's Automobile Lamp Industry in 2018


1. Relevance to upstream and downstream industries The […]

1. Relevance to upstream and downstream industries

The raw materials used in the production of automotive lamps are mainly light sources and plastics. Therefore, the upstream of the automotive lighting industry is the light source and plastic raw materials industry.

The content is selected from the 2013-2017 China Automotive Light Industry In-depth Research and Investment Direction Research Report published by the Industry Research Report Network

Light source is the main component of automotive luminaires. Light source technology is the main driving force for the development of automotive luminaires. From early fuel lamps, to incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, to HIDs and LED light sources, every major breakthrough in light source technology. It will bring about a revolutionary development in the automotive lighting industry. At present, the world's largest light source manufacturers are Philips (PHILIPS), OSRAM, and General Electric (GE), in addition to many smaller companies.

Comparatively, there are many suppliers of plastic raw materials, and the market supply is sufficient. The choice of automobile lighting manufacturers is large. Despite this, because plastics account for a large proportion of the cost of production of lamp assemblies, plastics are mainly produced from petroleum and natural gas. Therefore, fluctuations in oil and natural gas prices may have an impact on product costs.

2. The favorable development and adverse effects of the upstream and downstream industry development on the industry and its development prospects

In the upstream industry of the automotive lighting industry, Philips, Osram, and General Electric, the world's three largest light source manufacturers, have taken a major share of the market in terms of R&D technology, product quality, and brand awareness (especially The car market), but there are fierce competition between the three major light source manufacturers. In addition, some local light source manufacturers in China have also increased their competitiveness through continuous increase in research and development investment, and their scale has continued to expand.

The upstream of the automotive lighting industry, the plastics raw materials industry is a relatively competitive industry. There are many large international chemical companies such as BASF, Bayer, DuPont and Dow Chemical. These companies are leading in technology and large scale. There are a large number of domestic chemical companies, and domestic enterprises have gained a certain market share relying on flexible mechanisms and faster market reaction speed. Since the main raw materials for plastics are oil and natural gas, fluctuations in oil and natural gas prices will have an impact on product costs.

The downstream vehicle manufacturing industry. In recent years, with the healthy and rapid development of the national economy, the per capita disposable income has been continuously improved, the infrastructure construction has been increasingly improved, and the industry support policies have been implemented. The industry has experienced unprecedented rapid development, automobile production and The rapid growth of possession has driven the prosperity of the new car supporting and maintenance and modification market, providing a broad market and a good environment for the stable and healthy development of the automotive lighting industry. At the same time, considering the combination of multiple favorable factors, the automobile production and sales market will grow at an unconventional rate, and the growth rate of the automobile market may slow down in the future, which will have certain impact on the automobile lamp manufacturing industry.


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